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Surviving your Study Abroad Life

The life of a Studying abroad student is not that easy. Boredom and homesick are only those few things will make you feel alone as you are far away from your family and friends. Don’t worry, we sum up some tips on how to survive your study abroad.

1.Scenario: You are not familiar about the place. The first thing you got to do is:

Look for your study abroad representative at the airport -Upon your arrival, look and find immediately your study abroad representative. As far as I know some of the study abroad schools, for example here in the Philippines, they will pick up their students upon arrival bringing a poster with the name of the student and the school. Yet I think it depends on you if you want to be picked up at the airport. Moreover, for assurance and security purpose, better to set your pick up appointment with your study abroad representative. If all is set, listen to their instructions. I’m pretty sure they will give you a piece of instruction and advice what to do if you are at the airport.

2.Unpacked your things.

– By then on your arrival at the school, unpacked your things from your luggage/s. After unpacking all those things, Get a deep sleep as you are tired of your travel and BE READY ON YOUR FIRST DAY HIGH!

3.Do a campus tour.

-Make a campus tour. Don’t hesitate to ask. Be familiar around the four walls of your school campus. If you would like to explore outside of your school campus be sure to ask permission from your manager if you will go out alone, it is for your security.

4.Meet new friends.

– On your first day high, grab the chance to meet some new friends. Don’t be shy to mingle with other students. Try to approach and introduced yourself to them. Good thing if your study abroad school has a “Welcome Party” activity.

Like studying English in the Philippines in Genius English Proficiency Academy, we have this activity where we “Welcome” our new students. If you are a shy type person, this is an advantage of yours (as a new student) to socialize with other students and make friends.

5.Make the best out of it.

-Have a blast! Make your study abroad a memorable one as if you will only stay for a limited time. If you failed your expectation on your first day, Get up, Enjoy and have fun while you are studying. I’m sure you will miss those memories the time you will end up your study abroad.

That’s it! I hope you find this helpful. If you want more tips, you can read more here



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