There are thousands of new words come in every year. We don’t know that what we used and heard is already  in the dictionary like those slang words. Today, we list down 8 more new English words; including those slang words.

1.Staycation – a vacation spent at home involves recreational activities and or local trips.

Sentence : My staycation with my family was a memorable one. We went to the beach, swam, ate, talked and laughed together.

2.Emoji – an icon or symbol used to express  emotions, opinions and etc. in electronic communications and social media sites.

Sentence : Emoji has been used most of the times; in social media sites by netizens to express their feelings or emotions.

3. Frape– using somebody’s account, doing or telling something bad/funny against the owner’s account when they leave it logged in.

Sentence : Oh my G! Someone frapes my Facebook account. The person posts ex-rated things using my Facebook account and I’m not into it. Shocks!

4.Meme– it is usually an image with captions and spread throughout the web by internet users.

Below is an example of a “meme.”

Photo credit :

Photo credit :

5.Noice – very nice

Sentence : Your dress is so noice. I love it!

  1. Vidcon – Video conference

Sentence : The team had a vidcon with their manager.

  1. Constracted– puzzled, distracted

Sentence : I was being constracted with his irritating voice; all I can do is to look for a peaceful place to stay.

  1. Squee – a slang word used to express great excitement.

Sentence : The party will begin tonight. Squee!

Keep learning new English words. Enjoy!



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