Have you ever think of  “What are the new English words that exist now a days? If you do, drop it down.

Every year, about 1,000 new words and phrases enter the English language. Although we refer to them as ‘new’ words, many are created as the result of abbreviations, the influence of popular culture or compounds of existing words or phrases. www.english.com

From thousands of new words come in every year we figured out nine English new words for this post. Though it doesn’t reach half of thousand, thus this is interesting words to learn. Moreover, we will still collect New English words for everyone who likes to learn the language and widen their vocabulary.   So, today we will learn some INTERESTING ENGLISH WORDS. Enjoy!

  1. Vape– a well-known electronic smoking device.

        Al used to smoke cigarettes before, but now he used to smoke through the vape.

  1. Bae – According to esquire.com, it stands for “before anyone else” And or known for a shorter version for babe or baby endearment.

       Good morning my Bae.

  1. Spesh – means very special.

       The celebration was very spesh!

  1. Hashtag – is a label or metadata used all over the social media sites popularly known by this symbol (#). It is being used in order that the user will easily find the exact information what they want with a specific theme or content.

      Genius English use #StudyEnglishInThePhilippines hashtag on their social media sites.

  1. Breakfunch – From inquisitr.com, breakfunch is small meal eaten between breakfast and lunch.

       I’m so hungry because I only eat breakfunch today.

  1. Niblings – a collective term used to call for nephews and nieces.

      Maria’s niblings stayed in their house at this moment.

  1. Jokative – a word that you can use in describing a person who likes to tell a joke.

      I like her because she’s a jokative type of person. She always makes everyone smile.

  1. Shooista – someone who is addicted to shoes.

     Barbie is a shooista. She has hundreds pair of shoes in her collection room.

  1. Aughties – The years 2000 through 2009.

     If you were born between years 2000 to 2009, then you are an aughties baby.


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