There are so many examples when we talk about a noun. A noun can be countable and uncountable. But how can we determine if that thing is countable or uncountable? To solve that confusion, try to read this short information about the two.

Countable nouns have a singular and plural form. They can use a singular verb or a plural verb. While the uncountable nouns have only one form (no plural form). They always use a singular verb. They cannot use “a, an, or a number before it.” They are often abstract ideas, liquid or gases, some food. etc. If you want to quantify or count an uncountable noun, just specify by using a unit of measurement. This is called the partitive structure.


Read the examples below to know more.



Countable Nouns


countable noun example-2

1. There is only one dog in his house.


countable noun example-4

2. There are two horses on the farm.


countable noun example-1

3. Along the street, there are twenty cars with white color.


countable noun example

4. She reads three books every week.


countable noun example-3

5. Anna has 11 friends in school.



Uncountable Nouns

Some of the examples of the uncountable nouns are water, furniture, equipment, cheese, advice, garbage, coffee, rice, sugar, luggage, butter, electricity, currency, information, music, art, etc.


uncountable noun example-3

1. Please clean your garbage outside.


uncountable noun example-2

2. Her sister needs some cheese for her breakfast tomorrow.


uncountable noun example

3. Lina would like to give some advice to Juliet.


uncountable noun example-1

4. He puts some butter in his sandwich.


uncountable noun example-4

5. She needs to drink a lot of water every day.



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