Formal language is less personal than informal language. Most of the formal words/phrases are long. They don’t use contractions. Many people often use the informal language when communicating. They use the language in writing emails, comments in social media, and a lot more because it is casual and spontaneous.

Read the examples below and know if the words you are using everyday are in the formal or informal form/style.


Formal Informal
Acceptable All right
acceptable Okay, OK
accumulate rack up
apologize say sorry
appear seem
arrive show up
as soon as possible ASAP
assist help
bother get on someone’s nerves
call ring up
cause bring about
cell phone cell
children kids
commence start
completely, strongly totally
consider think about
considerable really big
contact get in touch with
correct right
Dear Sir or Madam Hi Joel,
decrease go down
definitely really, very
demonstrate show
discover find out
discover, ascertain find out
establish set up
examine look at
explode blow up
fabricate make up
Finally In the end,
However But
I am writing to inform you Just wanted to let you know
I look forward to hearing from you Hope to hear from you soon
In addition, Additionally Also
In conclusion, To sum up
In my opinion, I think
In the interim In the meantime
increase go up
indicate point out
inexpensive cheap
inquire ask
intelligent smart
Internet net
It concerns, It’s in regards to It’s about
large quantities of, a number of tons of, heaps of
Moreover/Furthermore Plus/Also
much, many lots of/a lot of
negative bad
Nevertheless Anyways
Notwithstanding Anyway,
obtain get
omit leave out
oppose go against
permit let
photograph photo
positive good
postpone, delay put off
provide give
receive get
release free
represent stand for
required need to
reserve book
retain keep
rich loaded
substitute, inform fill in
television T.V.
Therefore/Thus So
To summarize, In a nutshell/Basically
tolerate put up
undermine block
verify check


By using the informal language doesn’t mean that the sentences that you are constructing are unacceptable. It follows the grammatical rules too. The formal and informal are the two styles that can be used in different situations or occasions like when you are in a job interview, talk on the phone with your friends, etc.


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