Sometimes, you cannot express how happy you are when something happens that you really like or the plan has successfully done. Some people use some phrases to express their happiness and success.

The following idioms seem to have a similar meaning but in different forms or phrases. The reason for this is to familiarize each idiom so that you will know what people trying to say to you and can understand it quickly.


idioms examples about happiness-13

* excited for something that’s going to happen.


idioms examples about happiness-1

Full of joys of spring
* used to describe someone who is both happy and full of energy.


idioms examples about happiness-2

Happy as Larry
* very happy; to be in very good spirits.


idioms examples about happiness-3

Happy camper
* a satisfied participant, a contented person.


idioms examples about happiness-4

Have a whale of time
* have a very good time.


idioms examples about happiness-5

In Seventh Heaven
* in a state of bliss or extreme happiness.


idioms examples about happiness-6

Like a dog with two tails
* to be very happy and excited.


idioms examples about happiness-7

Make someone’s day
* to cause one to feel very happy.


idioms examples about happiness-8

On a cloud nine
* overjoyed because something wonderful has happened.


idioms examples about happiness-9

On top of the world
* extremely happy; feeling wonderful and glorious.


idioms examples about happiness-10

Over the moon
* In a state of great happiness.


idioms examples about happiness-11

Paint the town red
* to go out into a city or town and have an enjoyable time, typically by visiting various establishments, such as bars, restaurants, clubs, etc.


idioms examples about happiness-12

Tickled Pink
* very much pleased or entertained.


idioms examples about happiness

Walk on air
* feel elated or exuberantly joyful.


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