Health – a person’s mental or physical condition.

Phrasal verb – a verb that is made up of a main verb together with an adverb or a preposition, or both.

The following phrasal verbs are related to health. If you want to learn how the phrasal verbs might be, this information is the right one for you. Moreover, read the meaning and example of each one to use it for your next conversation.


Phrasal verbs related to health-1

Break out
* to suddenly begin to have a rash or spots on the skin.

Example: The jellyfish caused me to break out in a rash.


Phrasal verbs related to health-13

Work out
* to exercise in order to improve health, strength, or physical appearance, or to improve your skill in a sport.

Example: She works out everyday to stay healthy.


Phrasal verbs related to health

Block up
* to stop something from moving.

Example: Her nose is blocked up.


Phrasal verbs related to health-8

Laid up
* unable to work or do because of an illness or injury.

Example: He’s been laid up with the fever for three days.


Phrasal verbs related to health-12

Throw up
* to vomit; be sick.

Example: Her father threw up his dinner.


Phrasal verbs related to health-5

Dose up
* give medicine to.

Example: She should dose up with vitamin A to help her vision.


Phrasal verbs related to health-9

Pass away
* die

Example: His brother passed away last month.


Phrasal verbs related to health-11

Run over
* hit by a vehicle.

Example: The baby was run over by a bicycle.


Phrasal verbs related to health-6

Fight off
* to free yourself from an illness or a desire to do something you should not do.

Example: He is trying to fight off his illness.


Phrasal verbs related to health-4

Come to
* become conscious.

Example: Has she come to yet?


Phrasal verbs related to health-10

Pass out
* to become unconscious.

Example: He passed out from the heat.


Phrasal verbs related to health-7

Get over
* to get better after an illness, or feel better after something or someone has made you unhappy.

Example: It takes a month for him to get over influenza.


Phrasal verbs related to health-2

Come down with
* to start to suffer from an illness, especially one that is not serious.

Example: She thinks she’s coming down with flu.


Phrasal verbs related to health-3

Come round
* to become conscious again after an accident or operation.

Example: Her sister has come round from the anesthetic.


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