Do you want to know and clarify the correct usages of how much and how many questions? Take time to read this information and might give you the answers you are looking for.

examples of how much questions
How much?

If you want to know the quantity or amount of something, just follow the format on how to use it properly.

How much + Uncountable Noun

When you are asking how much, the following noun should be uncountable. You cannot count the water, sugar, oxygen, milk, love, air, etc. unless you put a unit of measurement of them. For instance, “A spoon of sugar.”


1. How much money do they need to bring?

2. How much sugar would you like?

3. How much information is on computers?

4. How much bread would you eat everyday?

5. How much sand is in the deserts?


How much? (Prices)

How much + Singular or Plural Noun

If you want to know the price, you can use the following.


1. How much did your shoes cost?

2. How much are these phones?

3. How much is this printer?

4. How much do they charge for a notebook?



examples of how many questions
How many?

If you want to know the quantity or amount of something, just follow the format on how to use it properly.

How many + Plural (Countable) Noun

– You are referring to many, so the following noun should be plural such as hours, minutes, coins, a glass of water, a slice of meat, a spoon of salt, etc.


1. How many turtles are there?

2. How many people live on earth?

3. How many plates did you buy?

4. How many stars are in the sky?

5. How many teachers are in the classroom?



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