It’s a month of love; a month where lots of flowers, love letters, and sweets are in different corners of the stores on the streets.

Are you ready to fall in love with someone else? Whatever your answer might be, better to read these idioms and try to remember their meanings.

Here are some of the idioms you mightly don’t know yet about love. Enjoy learning!


idioms related to love

Be an item
* To be a romantic couple.


idioms related to love-1

Be head over heels (In love)
* To be completely enamored of someone, typically a new romantic partner.


idioms related to love-19

Be lovey-dovey
* Showing lot of love or affection.


idioms related to love-2

Blind date
* An arranged meeting for two people have never met each other before, in order to try to start a romantic relationship.


idioms related to love-3

Double date
* A date that two couples go on together.


idioms related to love-4

Fall for
* To become completely infatuated with someone; to fall in love with someone.


idioms related to love-5

Go steady
* Having a long, fairly serious romantic relationship.


idioms related to love-6

Have the hots for somebody
* To have a strong sexual attraction to one.


idioms related to love-7

Kiss and make up
* To reconcile or resolve differences.


idioms related to love-8

Lost in love
* Can’t think or concentrate on anything else, but the person you are in love with.


idioms related to love-9

Love is blind
* If you love someone, you cannot see any faults in that person.


idioms related to love-10

Love is in the air
* Refers to individuals coming closer to falling in love.


idioms related to love-11

Match made in heaven
* An extremely well-suited pairing of people or things; a match that will result in a particularly positive or successful outcome.


idioms related to love-12

On the rocks
* Experiencing many difficulties and is likely to end.


idioms related to love-20

Puppy love
* A state of short-lived infatuation or romantic attraction among children or adolescents.


idioms related to love-13

Tie the knot
* To get married (to each other).


idioms related to love-14

Tough love
* Treating somebody in a harsh way in order to help them improve their situation or change the way they behave.


idioms related to love-15

Tug of love
* A situation in which the parents of a child are divorced and one of the parents tries to get the child from the other, for example by taking him or her illegally.


idioms related to love-16

Wear your heart on your sleeve
* Show other people your emotions, especially love.


idioms related to love-18

You take my breath away
* to overwhelm someone with beauty or grandeur; to surprise or astound someone.


Spread the love to your family, friends, and neighbors. Advance Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! 🙂

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