Now, let us take a look at the numbers together with the words in the English language. These are the idioms that are commonly used and will help you to understand what they mean for each of them.

The following idioms are related to numbers which you might hear that there are numbers that have been put on the phrases.


number idoms example-7

A dime a dozen
* Ubiquitous; so abundant or common as to hold little or no value.

A million miles away
* Noticeably distracted, unfocused, or lost in thought.

A stitch in time saves nine
* An action taken now will prevent problems later.


number idoms example-2

As easy as one-two-three
* To be extremely easy, simple, or intuitive; to require very little skill or effort.

At sixes and sevens
* In a state of confusion or disorder.

At the eleventh hour
* At the last possible moment or opportunity.


number idoms example-1

Bat a thousand
* Be very successful.

Behind the eight-ball
* In a challenging situation; at a disadvantage.

Eight-hundred-pound gorilla
* A person or organization regarded as being extremely powerful, aggressive, or intimidating; a major problem that people are too afraid or embarrassed to talk about.

Fifteen minutes of fame
* A brief period of celebrity or notoriety.


number idoms example

* Being equally likely or unlikely.

Forty winks
* A short nap.

Four corners of the earth
* All parts of the world; the farthest reaches.

* Slang In baseball, a home run (as it causes one to touch all four “bags,” or bases).


number idoms example-6

* Someone who wears glasses.

Give me five
* A request to give the speaker a “(high) five,” that is, to slap their (usually) raised hand with one’s own, as in a show of congratulation or celebration.

It takes two to tango
* Two parties involved in a certain action or situation, especially a wrong that has been committed, are usually both responsible in some way (as opposed to it being the fault or responsibility of one alone).

Kill two birds with one stone
* To complete, achieve, or take care of two tasks at the same time or with a singular series of actions; to solve two problems with one action or solution.

Lesser of two evils
* The less offensive of two undesirable options.

Nine-to-five job
* A job with normal daytime hours.


number idoms example-5

Of two minds
* Holding conflicting opinions about someone or something; being undecided about someone or something.

Put two and two together
* To determine, guess, or infer something from the available evidence, especially something that is very obvious or easy to guess.

Seventh heaven
* A state of bliss or extreme happiness.


number idoms example-4

Ten to one
* It is very likely that; very probably.

That makes two of us
* It’s the same with me; I agree; me too.

Three cheers
* (Give) three shouts of joy, approval, appreciation, or congratulations (for someone or something). Sometimes used ironically, sarcastically, or humorously.

Three squares a day
* The three nutritionally complete meals (in one day), that is breakfast, lunch, and dinner.


number idoms example-3

Twenty-four seven
* All day, every day. Short for “twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.”

Two left feet
* A lack of coordination, especially while dancing.

* To cheat on or betray one’s spouse or lover by dating or seeing someone else.


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