When we say political, it is obviously pointing out to the politics and this is one of the interesting things in this world, though. It talks about the government, people/voters, ideas, strategies, or any public affairs of a country.

The following idioms are related to politics either the phrase or meaning. Take a look and get some idea by giving a short time for it. Enjoy learning!


idioms about politics-3

Fishing Expedition
* an attempt to discover information without knowing what it may be.


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Get On Your Soapbox
* to express the strong opinions that you have about a particular subject.


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Lame Duck
* an elected official serving their last term in office, usually so-called after a successor has been elected.


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October Surprise
* a major event, occurring shortly before an election, which influences the result.


idioms about politics-5

On the Stump
* campaigning for public office; running for election to office.

Political Hot Potato
* something potentially dangerous or embarrassing.

Political Suicide
* to do something unfavorable that leads to the end of your career as a politician.

Politically Correct
* describing statements or behavior that is careful to avoid offensive or insensitive content.


idioms about politics-5

Press the flesh
* to meet, talk to, and shake hands with many different people.


idioms about politics-6

Red Tape
* official rules that seem more complicated than necessary and prevent things from being done quickly.

Spin Doctor
* one who manipulates information, often by attempting to present negative news as being somehow positive.

Strange Bedfellows
* unusual or unexpected political alliance combination just to gain more votes.


idioms about politics

To vote with your feet
* show that you dislike or disagree with something by leaving a place or an organization.


idioms about politics-7

Toe the Party Line
* to conform to the rules or standards of the political party you belong to.


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