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Suffix – a letter or group of letters added at the end of a word to make a new word.

There is a lot of suffixes in English. There may be more than one meaning in one suffix depending on the usage. It can be a noun, adjective, verb, or adverb.

In order to know more about it, here are some of the suffixes with their meanings and examples.


-eerassociate with somethingvolunteer, engineer
-ence/-ancestate or quality ofreliance, eminence, compliance
-er/-orthe one who performs the actionorator, translator, trainer,
-ionthe action or process ofrevision, creation
-ismbelief or doctrineAgnosticism, communism
-itythe condition ofequality, serenity
-mentthe result ofamusement, movement
-nessstate of beinghappiness, calmness
-shipposition heldfriendship, fellowship
-sion/-tion/-xionstate of beingobsession, population, complexion
-thstate or quality ofwarmth, depth
-logytheorycosmology, theology
-hoodstate or quality ofbrotherhood, childhood
-domstate or quality offreedom, kingdom


-able/-iblecapable of beingunderstandable, adaptable
-alpertaining tomechanical, industrial
-ese/-idenoting toLebanese, Vietnamese, Iraqi
-fulfull or notable ofbeautiful, wonderful
-ic/-calpertaining toecstatic, magical
-ishbelonging to or state of beingSpanish, Boyish
-ivehaving the nature ofresponsive, creative
-ian/-anbelonging toItalian, American
-lesswithoutclueless, homeless
-ous/-iouscharacterized byvarious, victorious
-ycharacterized bysleepy, juicy


-atebecomevalidate, abominate
-enbecomegolden, enlighten
-eraction or processtighter, faster
-ishdoaccomplish, flourish
-fy/-ifymakequalify, magnify
-izebecomerecognize, scrutinize


-lyin what mannerartificially, temporarily
-warddirectionafterward, rearward
-wisein relation tootherwise, likewise



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