It is very essential to know some phrases especially when you are answering the phone everyday. Perhaps, it is part of your job or you have a personal business.

When somebody’s calling on the phone, you may hear one of the following phrases. This time, try to read the meaning of each phrase to have an idea what does it really mean.

Here are some of the commonly used telephone phrases.



telepohone calls two persons
break up
* you can only hear parts of what they are saying because the signal is interrupted.

call back
* to call someone back or to telephone someone who telephoned you earlier.

call up
* to call someone on the phone.

get back to someone
* to talk to someone again in order to give them some information or because you were not able to speak to them before.

get off
* you finished talking or you have to end the conversation.

hold on
* to wait while someone else does something or to wait for a short time.

phone in
* to make a telephone call to transmit information to someone else.

pick up
* to answer the phone.

put through
* to make the connection that allows the phone call to take place.

speak up
* to speak loudly or to express an opinion freely.


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