For a non-English speaker it is difficult to understand, speak and pronounce the English words. Some people might ask “How to improve my English skills”? One thing that might help in improving your English, is watching English films or movies during your spare time. The question is “What movie or film should I watch?” and “How might it help?”

What movie or film should I watch?

Preferably watch English movies/films that you can learn or gain something after watching on it. Example: educational movies/films. Also, watch it with subtitles to understand everything in the movie/film. By this, you can read along what the characters said and either repeat or pause those lines you didn’t recognize or words that are new to your ear. If you are confused what to watch for your level, you can ask an advice from your teacher.

How might it help?

Make you learn a lot. Watching English films can help you to :

1. Enhance your listening and speaking skills. While you are watching, you’re listening too. So you will hear how the language conveys. Some scenes may too fast for you however it is great to hear native speakers converse with each other. Try it by yourselves or have a conversation with your friends, speaking is applied then.

2. Improve pronunciation. Some English words are difficult to pronounce. By watching English movies/films there’s a possibility that you might applied how movie/film characters utter and pronounce the words when you heard it since then.

3. Increase your vocabulary. Watching English films pave the way for enhancing your vocabularies. You can find new words or new phrases on the film you’ve watched. See to it you have your notebooks and pens beside you to write down those unfamiliar words you would like to remember. Right after that, find out the meaning of those unfamiliar words in the dictionary, google or even ask your teacher.

Moreover, here at Genius English Proficiency Academy, we conduct “movie night” activity. At least those students who don’t have time to watch English films for some reasons, they have time to watch it. By this activity, we are helping our students’ to learn and enhance their English skills.

Despite the fact that watching movies can help in improving your English skills in some ways. However, enrolling in a language school is still advisable for you to enhance your English skills.



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