“Who and Whom” are  one of those hundreds of English confusing words, where mostly of the English learners even native speakers incorrectly used it. To avoid a grammar mistake, let’s try to figure out the usage of both words.

 So when do we use “Who”?

-We only used who if you’re referring to a subject of the sentence/s. When we say a subject it is the one taking an action, not the one being acted on.who-vs-whom

Example: Who is in the kitchen? Who eats my food? And who loves you?

 In these cases, all of the examples above are obviously asking for a subject. And the subject of those example sentences is the person doing in the kitchen, the person doing the eating and the person doing the loving.

When do we use “Whom”?

While, “Whom” is used if you’re referring to an object of the sentence/s. The object is the one being acted on.

Example: Whom did you trust? In this case, it refers to an object, because whom is the one being trusted and it is being acted on.

 If you are still confused, here are some tricks I found out from quick and dirty tips. If you can phrase hypothetical answer using the pronoun “him” then used WHOM. On the other hand, if you can phrase hypothetical answer using the pronoun “he” then used WHO.  In short he=who; him=whom.

 For example: Who is in the kitchen? Or whom is in the kitchen?

What did you think is the right sentence? Hypothetically, the answer for the question is “He” is in the kitchen. So, therefore, the correct sentence is who is in the kitchen?

 Another example, who did you trust? Or whom did you trust? The question can have an answer question “I trust him” or let’s say “she trusts him”. So, both answers are correct. It’s kind of weird if we will answer I trust he or she trust he. It’s weird, right? So the right sentence is whom did you trust.

Furthermore, in this topic “Who VS whom”, we should remember the “he and him tips”. It’s easy to remember and use.  Like what I’ve said on my post before, Studying English is a complicated language that has lot of rules to follow. In my post today, I will differentiate the usage of  “Who and Whom”.We just have to phrase the hypothetical answer to each question. If that will answer “he”, use who shoud be whom.

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